stand up pouch with zipper

Material: PET/VMPET/PE or as your requirements

Thickness: We will suggest the suitable thickness for you. In the range of 0.05mm to 0.2mm

Size: We have some standard size or as your requirements. 10*18+4cm, 15*18+5cm.

Printing : up to 12 colors as your requirements, we accept customize.

MOQ:30000 pcs.

Packaging: Normal OPP package bag or as your requirements.



Advantages: 1. stand up packaging bag with excellent sealing and composite strength, not easy to break and leak, with light weight, less material consumption, easy to transport and other advantages. At the same time packaging materials with anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, blocking oxygen and moisture, easy to seal and other high-performance.

2. stand up packaging bags are chemically resistant, shiny, partially transparent or translucent. Mostly good insulators.

3. stand up zipper bag light weight, fastening. Can be large quantities of production, cheap.

4. stand up zipper bag multi-function, more practical, easy to color, and some high temperature.

5. The current stand up packaging bag is fast, safe and nice. Safe to ensure that stand up packaging bags can make our products in the transport process to ensure product safety, reduce transport risk.

6. At the same time stand up packaging bag heat sealing fastness, pressure resistant to drop, even if accidentally dropped from the height will not cause the bag rupture, no leakage, greatly improving product safety.

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