Quad seal seal stand up pouch with zipper1

Material: Kraft paper,PET/VMPET/PE or as your requirements


Thickness: 0.05mm to 0.2mm or as your requirements, we will suggest the suitable thickness for you


Size: 15*25+4cm, 18*27+5cm or as your requirements, we have some standard size or as your requirements.


Printing : up to 12 colors as your requirements, we accept customize.


MOQ:30000 pcs.


Packaging: Normal OPP package bag or as your requirements.



Usage and Advantages: 1, standing steady, is conducive to shelves show, deeply attract the attention of consumers;

2, a total of eight printing layout, a sufficient place to describe the sale of products or language products, the global sales of products to promote the use of. Product information display more complete;

3, due to the bottom of the bag flat open, the bag flat, the bottom is excellent for the display layout;

4, eight side seal straight stand, is conducive to the beautiful display of the brand;

5, flexible packaging process, material changes, according to the thickness of the material, moisture and oxygen barrier, metal effect as well as the printing effect, the benefits of an absolute change than a single box;

6, eight side zipper bag with a reusable zipper, consumers can re-open and close the zipper, the box is unable to compete;

7, unique appearance, to guard against counterfeiting, consumers easy to identify, is conducive to the establishment of the brand;

8, can be multi-color printing, the appearance of fine products, with a strong promotional role.

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